Do you give your personal locker keys to you gardener/Driver ?

android-hackDo you give your personal locker keys to you gardener/Driver. I don’t think you will give a sec to answer this question. 99.9% will say ‘NO’. What if they say until you gives us the complete access, we will not work. Even then the answer will be “NO”, isn’t it ? You will think why someone will put forward such a demand.

They why you give in to such demands(android users) when it comes to your mobile. Android users give access to they SMS,Contact,media and other files to Android Apps. Please check the free/paid apps you have installed on your android phone. Have you ever thought why a simple gaming app needs to access you media,sms and contacts. You receive all your banking passwords and one time pin on your mobile and you want to share those with the gaming company. If this is not the case then Why?

The Google Play store contains apps of varying degrees of quality and credibility. Apps developers are developing simple apps to steal users data. Another interesting point is even highly credible apps access user personal data on regular basis.Two French organizations, including the French National Institute for Informatics Research (INRIA) and the National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL), installed a monitoring app on Android phones belonging to 10 different people, encouraging them to use the handsets as they normally do.

They collected the data for 3 months, the monitoring apps record every time any of the app access personal data, including identifier,photos,location,messages and other information. Monitoring app also tracked whether the data was transmitted to the host server or not.There were 121 apps in total under analysis and out of those 121 around 100 apps accessed at least one identifier on regular basis.
There is fundamental difference how apps are approved on Apple store and on Google Play Store. Apply rule its App store with an iron fist,only allowing apps after thoroughly checking the apps. It’s time that Google follow Apple’s lead.

There is one thing which always hound me; Why a company like Google left it open to exploit in the first place. Is it part of the strategy ?. Is access to users personal data a driving force for so many Android Developers?

There is another interesting study conducted my MIT technology Review, Luigi Vigneri and his team from Eurecom build an automatic process to scan installed android apps, monitoring teach time they connect with external sites. The Eurecom team scanned over 2,000 free Android apps that were downloaded from the Google Play store. They found that the apps connected with 250,000 different urls. In some cases, a single app connected to 2,000 unique urls.

On the whole, about 10% of the tested apps connected to over 500 different urls. It also turns out that Google maintains 90% of the ad-related domains which are frequently contacted by these rogue apps on the Google Play store, which is a little suspicious. Could Google be gaining anything from its own light-handed regulation of its app store?

Is Success of Android driven by easy access to users personal Data?

Android OS is very safe as its based on Linux, which is one of the robust operation system and almost free.Hacking and breaking the Android OS is tough.
Android Apps ask for permission hence everything seems legal.

The user only grants access to their personal data. The onous is on the user to check if the permission requested by the app makes sense. For example you are installing a Simple Snake Game. During the installation process if that application demands GPS usage, Internet access, SMS access etc. then you can smell the danger . Don’t do the installation in hurry. Thoroughly analyze installation steps and read all the warnings and permission requests

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