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Foodies Recipe, a website dedicated to offering homemade Indian recipes and special tips for cooking, has made things a lot easier for avid chefs who want to take their skills to a whole new level altogether.

There are many users all over the world who want to explore the magic of Indian cooking. And that’s not restricted to Indians alone. Indian recipes have made their mark amongst people of different backgrounds and cultures and yet somehow its true essence has not been given its due. After all, homemade Indian recipes that have been perfected over generations are the backbone of this highly diverse and versatile cooking style. And that’s just what Foodies Recipe aims to bring to its users.

The website has been set up by a passionate chef, Manju Agarwal who has gone on to develop her family’s recipes to perfection. Not only has she been taking cooking classes over the years as a hobby, she has won several awards for her skills at different festivals as well. She has experimented with different ingredients to create mouthwatering and healthy recipes at the same time. Her passion for Indian cooking and experience working with different ingredients and styles is reflected in the recipes users can find on the website.

Quite simply, Foodies Recipe is an expansive database for all types of homemade Indian recipes users could ask for and more. They have been laid out in different categories; from chutneys to curries, halwas to kids’ recipes, snacks and salads. Users can find South Indian dishes in a different category while Microwave recipes in another. Thus they have complete convenience while looking for the recipes of their choice at their fingertips.

However one of the most important highlights of the website is that users can find recipes in Hindi. Thus those who are more comfortable in the National language can get their hands on a whole section of recipes suited to their requirements. Users also have the option of carrying out their searches based on different factors to get to the recipes that are just perfect for them for a particular occasion.

For example, users who might want to use up certain ingredients at home or make the most of some because they are available during a particular season can search for recipes based on ingredients. Of course many passionate cooks can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen because they are hard pressed for time. They can now search for recipes based on cooking time and complexity level as well. Thus they can ensure that they pick just the right recipe to show off their skills.

Selection of Indian curry dishes including prawn biriani, chicken jalfrezi, madras, Bombay aloo, vegetable samosas and rice.
Selection of Indian curry dishes including prawn biriani, chicken jalfrezi, madras, Bombay aloo, vegetable samosas and rice.

Foodies Recipe also offers its uses special cooking tips, which make things a lot easier for them in the kitchen. Right from recipes for healthy dishes, which kids will love to how to use certain ingredients smartly, there are loads of secrets that one can find on the website. Many of these tricks have been followed over the generations while several others have been discovered by the cook herself through her own experiments. They are now being shared on the website that has become a comprehensive resource for all users who want to know everything about homemade Indian recipes.

About Foodies Recipe

It is a website that has an entire collection of recipes that have been developed and perfected by award winning chef Manju Agarwal. The website also has an important section for tips and tricks that make things a lot easier for all users passionate about cooking.

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