Five Questions to Ask Before Starting Up

If you think that the most productivity time of the whole day is early morning, then think again. If you want to be productive, when it comes to your work, then it doesn’t have to do with your regular habit or ritual that you follow every single day. In the first place, productivity doesn’t have to do a lot if you want to get success. The ultimate truth is that productivity is more about output and efficiency of your life.


If you want to come clean with your creativity, then you will be surprised to know that when you are most exhausted, that is the time your mind becomes more creative and you are able to come with some of the best innovative ideas. But unfortunately, we don’t have time to think about creativity rather then we concentrate on wasting our brain with useless things. You should quit wasting your precious time thinking about stuff like what time you wake you, how you are eating your dinner, sleeping habits and other useless things.

Five Question before STarting Up

For a creative person, who want to build their career and want their business to achieve the ultimate success, then you should concentrate on how you are performing, when you have to show results. The only habit that should matter to you, should be only working habit. Nothing else should after to you at all. If you ready to work, then you should only work, rather than following a timetable.


Five questions that you should ask yourself, before you are ready to go to your work are:

  • What type of problems do you have to solve?

Make sure to understand about the problem of the clients, so that a client comes to you with their problems.

  • What should be your solution as well as what is its value proposition?

Plan out your strategies, so that you are able to solve your client’s problem.

  • How are going to win the competition and keep the customers with you?

Your action of the plan should be full proof, so that you can keep a good reputation with your client and have a long lasting relationship with them.

  • How you will be gaining your goal?

Make sure to set a goal, which is realistic and you can achieve it within your work time.

  • How you are going to boost your funding?

Try to find out a different way to grow your funds to increase your capacity of gaining a successful business.


If you have got some of the best answers to all the above-mentioned questions, then it is definite that you will be able to make it big in your business.

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