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Enactus H.R College’s new initiative, The Peach Vibe aims to energize the workplace and boost productivity via quality massage sessions on the company’s very own premises. Enactus, a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world. Enactus H.R College, as a chapter of this global not-for-profit organization, under one of its social projects, Project Aasha, started The Peach Vibe in July, this year. The Peach Vibe, as the name suggests, gives out the idea of spreading refreshed vibes, which can only been done through relaxation and rejuvenation therapies.
1.Why The Peach Vibe is the need of the hour ?

As a part of Enactus, we were taught to look for an entrepreneurial opportunity in every problem we see. Every social project, especially a one like Aasha, focuses on providing the end customer with the best services they expect from our beneficiaries when it came to beauty, but there was something about them that no make up could resolve, stress. In college, we saw our professors and staff under heavy work stress and came home to parents, strained as ever. As an added innovation under Aasha and solve the need of the hour, our team thought of an idea that could help employees relax in a place they are stressed the most, that is, their workplace. A simple idea that could help our beneficiaries earn an added income for their family and employees to unwind for a little while. It took us about two months to back up our idea with extensive primary research and surveys and in July, this year, we initiated The Peach Vibe.

2. What are the Challenges :

A corporate rejuvenation lounge, being an alien concept to India, put forward a lot of challenges for our team, especially contacting the corporates, says one of the co-founders, Akanksha Bhatkar. The first one was to introduce the idea to them and the second, the hardest one I should say, was to convince them that it’s a great one. I still remember in one of the meetings we had with a reputed company, when we had gone to pitch the idea of setting up Peach Vibe at their workplace, the manager called in three of his trusted employees and gave us two minutes to persuade them to try it out. One of them bluntly disagreed and when asked, simply said, “For me, work is stress, my workplace reminds me of stress, if you tell me I have a chance to relax for once, this is the last place I would want to be.” Challenges are known to be life lessons for a business, keeping that in mind, we made sure in each rejuvenation lounge we set up, as soon as the employee enters the room, it doesn’t feel like his workplace anymore. So we sat together one day and drew out an entire list of things we could include in that small room like scented candles, light-relaxing music, other than just our massage chair and products.

HRCOLLEGE3. About the Founders (and their long term vision)

It’s hard to believe that a team of dedicated individuals started a company in two months, I still remember, back in June, when we had team meetings every day at a Starbucks nearby discussing what to do next and drafting raw proposals till six in the morning. Research, Marketing, Contacting Corporates… we all distributed ourselves to micro teams to achieve something this big. We all together believed in the idea and worked throughout our entire summer break to get Peach Vibe where it is today. The roar of applause is still pretty clear in my ears when I think about the first presentation we had prepared to pitch the idea to our seniors. The journey from corporate rejuvenation services, just an idea, to The Peach Vibe, Corporate Rejuvenation Lounge, has been a complete roller-coaster ride! Rekhaji, our first massage therapist under The Peach Vibe, is no less than a hardworking team member, her enthusiasm and energy spread the ‘positive vibe’ is something we all look up to! She agreed to work with us in the next two minutes of hearing the idea and most importantly, believed in us.

As a part of our long-term vision, we believe The Peach Vibe should be something every company should make their priority for their employees, then a mere perk or bonus. We, at Peach Vibe, don’t just aim to provide relaxation therapies to employees at a place where they are stressed the most, but also improve the livelihood of our beneficiaries.
As one of the co-founders, Divya Sanbhwani, I would like to say, Peach Vibe, for us, is not just a company, it’s much more, it’s changing the way people feel about their work, the massage therapies we offer have been designed to make you realize that stress is something which is too little to be worried about, a 15 minute break from your busy schedule is what you need, and it’s exactly what we aim to provide.

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