Glorifire – An exciting IDEA Sharing App by School Student of Startup India

In March 2016, when Bhargavi Goel got elected as the Head Girl of Delhi Public School at Vasant Kunj in New Delhi, she was in pondered how could she make a difference.

She had seen Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, talking vigorously about his dream of making India a Startup Nation, when he launched the Startup India program.

Even then she had thought, everyday I get several ideas and then these ideas evaporate. She discussed this with her friends about this, where she got the same response. One of her friends though vaguely mentioned that she maintains a scrapbook, which is lying in the drawer of her study table.

The question stood like an enigma before her when Bhargavi hit upon the idea that while children are full of ideas, most of it gets lost because idea scrapbooks are cumbersome to maintain, moreover these scrapbooks do not facilitate collaboration. That led to a few more rounds of discussions in her peer group, when Bhargavi said:

“Why not combine the power of smartphone with a scrapbook?”

She further thought, this could add fire to the dreams of people and bring glory for them.

An idea was born.

She called it “GLORIFIRE.”

Everyone around her seemingly liked the idea of GLORIFIRE as a mobile social based platform that would allow students to record and share their innovation projects with other students, teachers and mentors to facilitate collaboration.

The idea remained with her for a few more months, when one of our mentors at The Entrepreneurship School, (TES)a school for startups, founders and entrepreneurship, connected Bhargavi with us. In our first meeting, we hurriedly provided some suggestions and some encouragement to the school student and left it there.

However, in about a fortnight, Masroor Lodi, CoFounder of TES received a call from Bhargavi asking for more help. Later, Lodi shared the story of Bhargavi at TES Mentor Council,

“The idea of Glorifire as a platform that allows students to translate their dreams into a startup is very very powerful”.

He further nudged,

We must bring this girl at TES. The sole purpose of our existence is to provide structured incubation to anyone who is serious about building their startup.”

It is well known that entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging human endeavours. It is a journey of pitfalls which very few people have successfully navigated.

While it requires fearlessness, focus and fire, it also requires maturity of working diligently and careful mentoring. Hence, TES helped her sort out the challenge of mobile app development. It was obvious that a Class 12 student wouldn’t know much about apps — its programming, feature building, use case development and even usability design.

But, nothing can stop a force that has decided to just do it.

Bhargavi kept pushing herself. She impressed us with her single-minded focus, her deep insights about adolescent school-goers and her passionate zeal to see that every child can realise their dream on GLORIFIRE and find meaning in their ideas and projects. Therefore, even though she had pressure of her regular studies, she kept developing the app and in December 2016, she was ready with a working version of the app.

The free GLORIFIRE app is available on Google Play for download.

Gloria it is high impact venture, that fits well the Narendra Modi’s Startup India vision. This can be adopted by all schools to help bright young children share exciting ideas and guide them in their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The story of Bhargavi reinforces the belief, that if anyone is passionate about what they are doing, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

This is the story of New India, a country driven by Youngistans, ready to take the world by a storm.

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