Is Indian Online Marketplaces Losing credibility and Trust ?

The internet is fast becoming popular with each passing day, and so are internet users. Online shopping has increased in recent years and they have become such a huge business today. At online marketplaces you can easily get any item you want: shoes, cloth, appliances, gadgets etc. without leaving the comfort of your home. By just one click of the mouse you can get almost anything you want from online shops. This is made possible by online marketplaces like Amazon, Snap deal, EBay, Flipkart etc. Online marketplace is an e-commerce site where product or services is provided by third parties; however transactions are processed the operator of the Marketplace.fake-products

However despite the popularity of Marketplaces, they are fast losing their credibility, such sites are gradually becoming a hub for cheap and fake product. Most buyers that patronize such Marketplaces do so because they believe that the owners of the Marketplaces will ensure that the products are of the best quality. Most times though this is not often the case as Marketplaces don’t really care if a product is genuine or not as long as they get their commission on each sale.Ultimately they are also looking to make profits and they can only do that if sales are made. Most of the companies fail to adequately monitor products sold through their sites: there are cases of faulty goods listed for sales. For offline markets though that is not the case, you have an opportunity of walking into a store checking around for what you want. There is a measure of assurance and satisfaction when you shop in store which is not possible when you shop online because you don’t even know who the seller is.


Consider some of the benefits of Traditional shopping/ Offline Markets over online marketplaces-

Personally Check the Item

If you are someone that desires to feel, touch or test a product before you buy it, this is possible at Offline stores. Online shopping does not give you that opportunity all you see is the picture and description of the product. For instant some product might need that you touch or feel them to gauge the quality- Pillows, rugs, clothing Etc. Another concern is the fit of apparel you are buying.

Diminished Instant Satisfaction

When you buy in Offline market there is instant gratification i.e. you can get to use the product almost immediately, you don’t get that luxury when you buy online. You may have to wait for 3-5 days on the average depending on your location.

Inferior product

This is where the greatest problem lies with online shopping; you don’t always know the quality of the product you are buying. A product or its description might be a little or even completely different when you get to see the product. The quality is always in doubt, there is no way you will be completely sure that you will end up with a product of good quality. With Offline markets though you get to see the product, feel it and know exactly what it is you are getting.

There are shipping charges


Couple with the problem of shipping delay is also the problem of shipping charges with online shopping. Though the items might seem cheaper when you are buying from an online store through a marketplace, but when you add the shipping charge to the cost of the product, the price may be similar or even more than what is obtainable in a nearby store.


There can be delivery problems

Apart from the shipping charges, at times there may be problem with delivery. It could be that the seller fails to deliver the product at the specified time or delivers a product that has been damaged during shipping. Worse still you might get a product that is completely different form what you ordered for. This is another factor that makes online shopping a bit more unsecure compared to traditional shopping.


Costly to return goods


You incur additional cost when returning an item that you bought online. Apart from the shipping charges, the seller will also want the product in a relatively short period of time.


Warranty issues


There are Warranty issues that come with products that are bought online. Most times these products are sold without warranty.


Dealing with an Unknown Vendor

Unless you are buying your product from an e-tailer that is well known, you don’t really know who you are doing business with. Anyone can go ahead to open an online store- especially for products that can be shipped through a drop-shopping company. There are a lot of unscrupulous and dishonest people out there, so there is always a concern when you are buying online. The security of your product is not guaranteed and at times you are not even comfortable with providing some of the personal information that is required. In offline stores you do not have to go through all that.

Even though it may seem pretty easy to buy from online stores, there is no doubt about the fact that Online Marketplaces has their own set of concerns.

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