More then Funding, support of your spouse,family and friends important for success.

In most cases, people opt for a business to support the family. So, why not ask the family to support your business? Though many of the entrepreneurs don’t realize the importance of wife, family and friends in the success of a start-up, they actually play a more significant role than funding.

In the daily scenario, you can find many instances where a start-up fails or becomes successful due to the support of a wife. You can see a wife breathing a sigh of relief when she sees her husband’s business getting off the ground and on the other hand encourages the husband to perform better. The attitude and support of a wife, family and friends play a major role in making or breaking a start-up.
Starting a business is not as easy as you might think it to be. It is more so in cases when your wife or family is not supportive. In such cases, the idea of a start-up can actually lead to the failure of one big part of your life as it may drain your account, requiring you to work for long hours away from home. It totally changes your lifestyle when things like vacations become temporarily lost to your business. In such situation, it becomes very important for your family, friends and wife to support you.
Many a times in the process of starting your business, you’ll come across certain situations and circumstances, where you’ll have to take some difficult decisions. This is where your family and wife need to support you. They must grow up to accept your idea and help you out in the process. In certain cases, things might not work out. But, such situations can be resolved through effective communications. You can easily get through the hard times if you keep your partner, friends and family involved in your start-up.
Funding undoubtedly plays one of the most important roles in setting up your business. However, it is your family; friends and wife who can help you get the positive attitude needed for the success of your business. It is they who can motivate you to move forward when you’re stressed. More importantly, your spouse must complement you and be ready to take risks no matter what.
With supportive family and spouse, things can be made to work better. A supportive family will sacrifice things like vacations, scaling back on gifts, etc. for the good of the business. However, in an unsympathetic family, these sacrifices can create animosity.
Therefore, more than funding, it is important for the spouse, family and friends to be supportive for the success of your start-up. Otherwise, the roller coaster ride of starting a business will end up as a failure.

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