Sharing Of An Idea is Good

Many people believe that good ideas are things that come to you, and you alone, in a moment of inspiration- a light bulb moment. However, although this may be true for some lucky people, this is usually not the case. It is often believed that innovation is the work of one person, it is not, it is a collaboration. To make something work, you need a team. It is easy to have an idea by yourself, but you have to share this idea with other people to turn it in to a good idea.

It can be very difficult to turn your idea into a good idea by yourself, as it takes a lot of labor and a lot of knowledge to make an idea become a reality. Good ideas are the result of hard work and research: you can take the work of another person, build on it, adapt it and change it in ways that you see fit, and then this results in a good idea. Alternatively, you can allow your work to be adapted, built on and changed by another person.

Too many people are concerned with trying to keep a hold on their own intellectual property This results in too many ideas never becoming a reality, as they were not open to sharing the idea with others. You should instead open up this idea to the world and share with other brilliant minds. Take your seed of an idea, introduce it to others, and they can bring their own tools to the table to help the idea grow. Everybody can help turn this idea in to a great idea, and see it through to fruition. Sharing your idea is not only sharing knowledge, but gaining knowledge.

One way that you can share your idea is through the site FreakyIdea is a site that enables and encourages the sharing of resources and ideas. The site says of itself that it is a ‘world where ideas can flow freely as an available resource for everyone- where ideas are not a self-contained luxury, but possess the power to change people’s lives without being thwarted by the unimaginative of a few’. The aim of this site is to create projects by sharing ideas, finding others to work with and help you. It is a post-sharing site, and you can sign up to become a member to either submit your own ideas or add to the ideas of others.

Once an idea is posted, you can go through the stages to bring the idea to life. Users can browse ideas and see your posted idea, then join in a discussion to consider the idea further. Within this discussion stage, you can add new topics as needed. Another stage of the idea sharing process is to share similar projects, showing mediums similar to the proposed idea that already exist in the world, using links, articles and videos. The third stage is to begin realizing the idea, getting in touch with others who would like to be involved and deciding how to launch it. This is the co-founder stage. Finally, there is the market research stage.

Although this website is in the early stages, it is clearly a great resource for idea sharing. The site hosts mentors, events and a page for start-ups. It is a great way to meet the right kind of people, with the right ideas and make sure that your idea becomes more than just an idea.

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