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In today’s society, everyone is always in a rush to get what they want as quickly as possible. Whether that is getting on a train that takes five minutes less to get to your destination, ordering your food online with only two taps of your smartphone or paying at a check out by tapping your card against the reader, time is definitely of the essence.

‘Real’ mail seems to have almost become extinct. Our bills, bank statements and promotional offers are now sent directly to our email inbox. Our friends now call us, text us or email us. We only really use our postal system now for receiving packages in the post. However, this can be a hassle- they can arrive on the wrong day (so you have to go all the way to the postal office), arrive damaged, and it can be annoying to always be entering your bank details every time you place an online order.

This is where ShipNow comes in to play. They have streamlined and improved the postal system, bringing the snail mail of packages forward to fit our modern needs.


How do they help with my online shopping?

Let’s start at the very beginning of your shopping journey.

Shopping Liaison

online shopping can be tricky, as you cannot see and test the product that you are interested in. It is especially difficult when you are buying something as a gift and are having doubts. Unsure about what you want to purchase? Do you have a few options in your basket, but you can’t decide which one you should be going for? Perhaps you have questions about your desired purchase? Your partnership with Ship Now begins here. Ship Now staff will contact the store directly on your behalf, and then come back to you with an answer.

Purchasing and Paying

If you are purchasing from any US-based online store, Ship Now will take care of that boring payment issue for you. Once you have selected your item, Ship Now will purchase through a US credit card. The transaction will be carried out within 24 hours, and all you have to is select the item! Let Ship Now handle the rest.

Mail Forwarding

So, you have chosen your item and paid for your item with the help of Ship Now, now you just need it delivered. But you live somewhere other than the US! The shipping costs will be huge! Not anymore. Ship Now will ship your product worldwide, at the lowest price, in the shortest amount of time possible. How’s that for service?

So they help with my shopping experience- but what about the actual shipping?

After assisting you with your purchase, Ship Now also help with every aspect of your shipping.


We have all had that annoying experience- you order a t-shirt, and it arrives in a huge carton big enough for a dog, filled with packing noodles. Then you are left with an unnecessarily big box and those annoying little noodles all over your home.

If you would like to have your item(s) repackaged in a more compact way, Ship Now will undertake this for you. The only exception is electronic items, as their packaging is designed to protect your product.

Grouping Products

If you do one big online shop but need the products to arrive at different addresses, Ship Now will regroup these products for you. This is great for presents, and comes in especially helpful at Christmas! Order from one place, have the items delivered all over the world.

Additionally, if you need a package to arrive somewhere on a certain date, Ship Now will ensure that it is delivered on that day- not a day early or a day late.


When sending a package in the post, it has to be verified, go through imaging and be weighed. Ship Now will take care of this safely and quickly.

Ok- but what about after my package is delivered?


If Ship Now detects damaged before the item is shipped to you, they will deal with the refund process straight away. Ship Now staff will contact you and await instructions on how to proceed.

If your item arrives damaged and Ship Now has not already detected this damage, their staff will contact the company see what they can do for you in regards to the return policy. This is a bit more difficult for international shipping as the returns window will be restricted due to shipping times, however in these cases your package will be made a priority, and Ship Now will request an exception from the product company.

Returns and Exchanges

So after all that, your item has arrived and you just don’t like it. In the case of exchanges, Ship Now will send back your item and send your new item, and for refunds, the funds will the credited to you as soon as they are received by Ship Now.

Ship Now is there with you every step of the way for online shopping, and takes away the danger of buying goods online. Your items will arrive where you need them, on time, and in perfect condition.

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