ShipU USA Launches Unique Services

Allows users world over to get their hands on best products and offers in US market .
shopuShipU USA has unveiled its exciting service for customers from remote corners of the world who can now make the most of the vast selection of items offered by American resellers and get brilliant bargains on them too.

ShipU USA thus gives its users access to an infinite range of options from resellers to auction sites. They can go through this vast array of products, compare prices etc and make the best choice for themselves. Right from second hand antiques to the latest fashionable outfits, they will have plenty of options in front of them at all times.

Those who want to explore the opportunities this service provides them, can sign up with ShipU USA and get a shipping address in the country. The company will consolidate all the purchases from users in one place before shipping it to them. Thus those struggling to shop in the US market for the want of a local address will have a simple way around it.

Some of the other services offered by the company include payment assistance in case users’ cards get rejected for not being American. Under the ShipU USA system, they will seem like American transactions, which also saves users a lot of money spent on huge shipping costs.

The company has shipping agents across the country and thus it stays on top of things at all times. Moreover it can also offer users help with returns and refunds, which is an added advantage.

About ShipU USA

It is a startup company that offers a unique service to clients all over the world where they can get access to the best products and discounts in the US market and have them delivered to their doorstep.


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