What’s Next: My Startup Failed

January 1, 2016

It is not uncommon for a start up to fail. In fact, this happens quite often and mainly almost every successful entrepreneur I know of has overcome at least one failed entrepreneurship ventures. It all starts very well… you have a dazzling idea… something others have never thought of before, you do your research and you think quite a lot about it, you can really see it in front of…


Do you give your personal locker keys to you gardener/Driver ?

May 19, 2015

Do you give your personal locker keys to you gardener/Driver. I don’t think you will give a sec to answer this question. 99.9% will say ‘NO’. What if they say until you gives us the complete access, we will not work. Even then the answer will be “NO”, isn’t it ? You will think why someone will put forward such a demand. They why you give in to such demands(android…


Top 3 mistakes made by a First Time Entrepreneur

March 22, 2015

First time entrepreneur is not an easy thing. Stepping into an unfamiliar industry, with no experience and no tech knowledge, can be very difficult. Hence it becomes all the more important to see your steps once you have decided to enter the world of entrepreneurs. People have made a lot of mistakes at the start of their career and we have picked up some of the most applied mistake of…


Five Questions to Ask Before Starting Up

March 20, 2015

If you think that the most productivity time of the whole day is early morning, then think again. If you want to be productive, when it comes to your work, then it doesn’t have to do with your regular habit or ritual that you follow every single day. In the first place, productivity doesn’t have to do a lot if you want to get success. The ultimate truth is that…


Sharing Of An Idea is Good

March 9, 2015

Many people believe that good ideas are things that come to you, and you alone, in a moment of inspiration- a light bulb moment. However, although this may be true for some lucky people, this is usually not the case. It is often believed that innovation is the work of one person, it is not, it is a collaboration. To make something work, you need a team. It is easy…


Pitch your Startup for Success

February 28, 2015

Pitching is an essential element for the success of your startup. To ensure success, you must be capable of selling your business and ideas to investors. However, unfortunately most of the entrepreneurs are really bad at selling themselves and pitching their startup. If you too are one of them, or are interested to learn the effective ideas to pitch your startup, then you should actually continue reading. Here are the…


More then Funding, support of your spouse,family and friends important for success.

February 27, 2015

In most cases, people opt for a business to support the family. So, why not ask the family to support your business? Though many of the entrepreneurs don’t realize the importance of wife, family and friends in the success of a start-up, they actually play a more significant role than funding. In the daily scenario, you can find many instances where a start-up fails or becomes successful due to the…


Branding and Marketing for Startups

February 20, 2015

The last couple of years we have seen a huge increase in independent businesses and start-ups. Well-wishing strangers have funded many of these start-up businesses. According to CB Insights, both private and corporate investors gave up $47.3 billion into start-ups last year. The only other time that invest capital has come even close to this number was back in 2001, when $36.2 billion was invested in to dot com business…


Event Marketing Via Social Buzz

February 6, 2015

The first and foremost point to be noted before employing Social Buzz to promote your event is that none of this will happen overnight. It involves a strategic process and is not just to increase attendee numbers. So, have a planned outlook and start activities at least 1-2 month prior to your event. Basically, a three-step process can be employed to deal with event marketing: Pre-event Buzz During the Event…