Does tranditioal MBA fullfil the needs of Entrepreneurs ?

November 7, 2014

Having spent a majority of my life as an academic in MBA Schools in USA and recent years back in India, I think that MBA colleges by and large possess a big and established company mindset. Hence their courses are highly specialized and prepares you for a discipline specific career. There is a very little trace of interdisciplinary learning in the educational programs at these places of higher education. Graduates…


eCommerce is not just an Online Website

October 27, 2014

If you already own or manage one (and even if you don’t), you’re probably well aware that eCommerce business is a very potentially lucrative industry with enormous potential to rake in considerable profit immediately and more in the coming years. However, there’s more to an eCommerce website than good site design, a good security system and slick interface, there are several other human elements which are needed to be effective….


Entrepreneur: Traditional MBA for me ?

September 20, 2014

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of businessman or woman. A successful one does not win by following a formula; quite the opposite in fact, they think outside the box, to quote a much hackneyed expression. Formal MBA courses do not create wheeler-dealing business people, traditionally they have always created someone that can use business jargon and fit into corporate life, as well as use the formulae taught them to continue…