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cityfanssHave you observed people around you wearing Superhero T-shirts, Japanese and Chinese animated characters, funny, quirk T-shirts and T-shirts of other countries and their states like U.S., New York, London, Miami, San Francisco and Lag Vegas etc.? I’m sure you must have.

Have you ever seen people wearing T-shirt of their cities and states of India like Jaipur, Chandigarh, Nagpur, Bhopal, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra and so on? Not many, right? The reasons could be unavailability of good designs and the one place where you could buy a T-shirt of your choice of any city or state. That’s what Thecityfans.com is working on, creating designs that connect you with the place your heart belongs to. Thecityfans.com although started in April 2016 but its foundation was being laid in the owners subconscious from past 2 years.

Mahipesh, one of the co-founders had been travelling a lot during his last year of engineering. While he was in Himachal, one day he encountered a German couple at a restaurant who were starting at his Tee which had something written in German. They got amazed that he was wearing a Tee with something written in German, but then they told him that whatever was written didn’t make any sense. This is when Mahipesh felt the need of staying away from this culture of wearing western clothes which he had no idea what they mean. Later, when Mahipesh travelled to U.S. to visit his brother Pragesh and his wife, he observed there people wearing T-shirts and Hoodies of San Francisco, L.A., Vegas, New York etc. which is when they all realized that they need to have something similar in India.

After returning to India, we found everyone around wearing T-shirt of Superheroes from Hollywood, animated characters from all over the world, funny and quirky quotes etc. But we couldn’t find many people wearing anything that connects them with their community or anything that shows pride for their community.

We started making designs that will make people feel connected to the place where their heart belongs to whether it’s their community, city, state, travelling destination etc. This is what inspired our designs which you can find on our T-shirts.

We always wanted to contribute to the society in whichever way we can and while researching about other companies we came across TOM’s. After learning about TOM’s we were filled with ecstasy and could already see the smiling faces of kids. It’s then we decided for every T-shirt someone buys, we will donate a T-shirt to a poor kid in need. We felt we need to build our company around this concept and since then there has been no looking back. We did our 1st donation event, where we donated 100 T-shirts to poor kids. Here is a video from our donation event – link

CityfanOnline start up in a small city has its own set of challenges. Starting from poor internet connectivity, finding people with the right skills and finding the right manufacturer who has the best quality and would be willing to print on demand were all hurdles we had to cross before getting to our milestone of launching. We stayed determined and focused to get through all these and this is what defines our team as well. We never gave up and kept reaching out to more and more people, discussing our problems with them to find the right solutions and right people.

Thecityfans.com is started by three young members of a family- brothers Pragesh Satija, Mahipesh Satija and Preksha Satija wife of Pragesh Satija.

Pragesh Satija, Co-founder and CEO has done his MBA and MS from California.  Pragesh has versatile work experience from U.S, he had worked in healthcare and IT start ups as well as in  biggest bank of U.S. Wells Fargo. Pragesh looks at the operations, marketing and customer interactions side of the company.

Preksha Satija, another co-founder of the company. She has done her MS from California and has worked in the top software security company- Symantec headquarters in U.S. for 6 years. Preksha takes care of the back end side of the company that includes designing, technical aspects and websites, apart from this she also manages HR.

Mahipesh Satija, co-founder, young aggressive aspiring entrepreneur has done his B.Tech last year. Mahipesh’s mind is full of ideas; he is a keen learner and loves travelling. Mahipesh looks at the sales, marketing and customer interactions part of the company.


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