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India Startup Job’s aim is to connect the India’s innovative Startup companies to the top talent. A platform with hassle-free and single step process to match the requirements of both job giver and job seeker. Join us and match your skills. The possibilities are endless.

Our goal is to make job offering and searching an easy, fast and efficient procedure for both startups and job seekers. We would like to assist in matching right candidate with right startup in India.2

Post Jobs at One Place. Distribute Everywhere.

Post your job to 20+ job boards with one click. Save time by managing your jobs and candidates in one place. New job boards are always being added.

Get High Quality Candidates.

Stop digging through an inbox full of resumes.Connect with high quality candidates in one click and quickly solve staffing shortages.

3Saves Your Time & Money.

Your posted jobs get up and running in minutes. Don’t wait for candidates to get in contact with you and benefit from an innovative matching that presents your dream-candidates with just one click.

Enjoy Built-in Social Recruiting & Sharing.

Take advantage of integrated social network posting to reach job seekers on Linkedin, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more.

Embrace the Mobile Job Seeker.

Start with mobile optimized pages that look great on any screen. The result is more visitors to your job and more applicants.

Email Notifications Settings.

You can do notifications settings to control over mails and alerts related to your posted jobs and stop digging through an inbox full of mails and alerts.

Find Top Talents which Match Your Position in the Resume Database.

Search top talents with thousands of new ones added daily. It’s FREE to search and also include full contact information.

View, Download, Bookmark and Share Formatted Resumes.

View professionally & beautifully formatted resumes. Download, Bookmark and Share with colleagues. Quickly sort through candidates to identify the top talents.

Track and Rate Applicants.

Collaborate with team members to rate, organize, filter, share notes and add labels. We give you all the essential applicant tracking tools you need to make great hiring decisions.

Export Candidates.

Keep your current workflow. Export your candidates to Excel so you can manage all of your data offline, anytime.

Create Custom Email Responses.

Create custom email response template.This will automatic send to candidates when candidates apply.

Create an Instant Job Page on Your Site.

Add your open job listing to your own company website career page in seconds, Just cut and paste the widget – no coding required.


India-startupjobs, founder Ashok Dudhat  is solving the talent hiring problem for startups. Ashok is doing his bit to help and support the startup community.


Visit  www.India-startupjobs.com  and post get talent for your startup.

Watch the Startup Job video for more details  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKCGrLooRUY

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